Embracing Love Beyond; Beyond Burials Introduces Full Body Space Memorials

In a heartwarming and groundbreaking announcement Beyond Burials is excited to share the news, about our service—Ful...

Navigating Loss and Finding Hope; Embracing Love and Compassion, during the Holiday Season

The holiday season is often associated with joy, togetherness and celebrations. It's a time when families come togeth...

Embracing Compassion; Planning Ahead for Cremation and Space Memorials to Create a Meaningful Farewell

Dealing with grief and loss is undoubtedly one of life’s experiences. When we inevitably face the loss of a loved one...

A Celestial Tribute: Why Our Family Chose a Space Memorial for Our Departed Loved One

Losing someone you hold dear leaves an irreplaceable loss that affects everyone differently during grief periods. Wh...

Celestial Farewell: Exploring the Profound Significance of Space Cremation

Honoring our loved ones after they pass is necessary for closure. As times change, so have memorial methods with Spac...

Finding Closure Amongst the Stars: The Transformative Power of Witnessing a Rocket Launch for a Space Memorial

Saying goodbye to someone we cherish is immensely challenging considering how emotional and personal mourning can be....

The Priceless Departure: Exploring the Value of Space Funerals Over Traditional Funeral Services

Unraveling Space Funerals' Value: Analyzing Their Significance Over Traditional Funeral Services Saying our last good...

Space Memorials: Embracing Infinity as the Ultimate Funeral Service

Throughout centuries burial rituals and respect for the deceased have been variously observed. Death ultimately repre...

Why families send ashes to Space.

Losing a loved one is never easy, and finding ways to honor their memory can be a deeply personal and emotional proce...

Top 5 Reasons Families Send Ashes to Space

We explore the compelling motivations behind why families choose to honor their loved ones by sending their ashes on a celestial journey beyond Earth.

Why Families Choose to Send Ashes to the Moon.

We delve into the heartfelt reasons that drive families to make the extraordinary decision of sending their loved ones' ashes to the Moon, creating a lasting celestial tribute.
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