The top five reasons why families choose to send their loved ones' ashes to space include symbolic closure, a unique memorial a connection to space a futuristic perspective and leaving a lasting legacy.

Beyond Burials - Container

Many families find that sending ashes to space can provide symbolic closure and help commemorate their loved ones life. The vastness and beauty of space serve as a meaningful backdrop for this final farewell.

Sending ashes to space is also a unique way to honor the memory of the deceased. It allows families the opportunity to create a truly personalized memorial that reflects the interests and passions of their loved one.

For some families. Space holds significant fascination or importance. By sending their loved ones ashes to space. They can connect with this interest and pay tribute to the wonders of the universe.

Beyond Burials - Rocket

In addition. Some view space travel as cutting edge technology and send ashes as an opportunity for remembrance during this exciting frontier.

Finally sending ashes into orbit is seen by many as leaving behind not just closure but also an impressive legacy that marks their place in human history – especially now that it has become more accessible for everyday people.


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