Families' increasingly significant drive towards sending their loved ones' ashes up into orbit has been rising significantly over time.

Why? Because by doing so, people yearn for what they believe goes far beyond mere immortality or preserving their spirits alive; it's a testament of creating long-lasting historical significance connecting them even in passing with equally significant progress others achieve globally.

Beyond Burials - Moon

In itself then lies what makes burying ashes on the moon transformative: a spirit steadily moving forward surpassing mankind's current constraints while stretching towards uncharted territories equating recognition alongside cutting-edge scientific accomplishments via completely non-conventional burials such as this one particular example we're discussing today.

For those who cherished anything revolving around outer-space, science, and discovery, launching their loved ones' ashes into orbit represents ultimate respect towards the passions they held so dear.

Beyond Burials - rocket launch

The Moon's attraction remains clear in the hearts of many; becoming one among those people now represents an excellent opportunity to reach a symbol of eternal solidarity. A terminal resting spot up in the sky also arguably supercharges our efforts in taking our relationship with Space a step further than ever before.

Sending ashes to the Moon is a truly unique and moving experience for everyone involved.

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