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Losing someone you hold dear leaves an irreplaceable loss that affects everyone differently during grief periods. While seeking solace from memories shared together, finding unique ways that encompass everything they stood for helps with healing closure processes. When choosing how best to commemorate our longtime member's legacy – we settled for a Space Memorial which embodied all traits they treasured in life exceptionally well-which becomes the best way of carrying on their journey through time. This blog post elaborates more on our choice and how it has impacted us deeply.


To us. Memories of our dear departed will always include an overwhelming sense of wonder they held towards the universe’s boundless mysteries. For this reason, when it came time to choose a memorial that would accurately reflect this aspect of their personality- choosing a Space Memorial came naturally. It felt like an appropriate way to honor not just their fascination for exploring what lies beyond Earth but also their love for scientific inquiry into this vast realm above us all. Our decision reinforces how vital these aspects were in shaping who they were throughout life while simultaneously being emblematic of where they are now- out there somewhere among stars.


Our family member lived an exceptional life full of incredible achievements that touched many lives along the way. We hoped that their legacy would mirror this remarkable journey while also motivating future generations for years to come. Deciding on a Space Memorial was an ideal way of honoring them since it places our loved one permanently among humanity's endeavor beyond Earth. Their values ​​and aspirations now form part of a heritage extending far beyond Earth itself depicting what made them exceptional while encouraging others' ambitions.

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Amidst our grief, we came across solace through symbolism--specifically, via a Space Memorial. Imagining our loved one's remains being launched into Space evoked feelings of peace for us during this challenging time. The profound symbolism generated by such imagery allowed us to feel reassured and connected with something grander than ourselves--their spirit set free and integrated within the expansive universe itself. This understanding provided comfort as it gave us hope that they were eternally entwined within the cosmic fabric.


Gathering as One: Opting for a Space Memorial functioned as a unifying and transformative force for our family. Our unanimous decision sparked solidarity, mutual ambition, and compassionate reinforcement in the midst of our sorrow. Through this unique tribute, we formed cherished memories together and established an enduring bond of togetherness. The awe-inspiring sight of the rocket launch and the ascent of our beloved's remains towards the sky affirmed our familial ties and instilled fresh gratitude for life's fleeting but meaningful junctures.


Beyond Burials - Family

The decision to opt for a Space Memorial was easy and held immense value for my family and me personally. It served as an opportunity to celebrate my loved ones' life journey while also embracing all that infinite Space offers us. One day, I will join my family member in Space as we both travel amongst the stars.

-Joan P.

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