How does the Beyond Burials process work?

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We appreciate the delicate nature of our service, which is why we work hand in hand with you through every step of the process.

Upon purchasing your selected memorial, a member of our team will schedule an intake call to ensure that all your questions are answered and walk you through what to expect. Following the intake call, you will receive a Beyond Burials kit containing a capsule to collect your symbolic remains sample. Once we receive your capsule, it will be prepared for placement in a Beyond Burials spacecraft for launch.

I want to be sure that my wishes are carried out. Can I plan my service in advance?

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Yes, you may select any memorial service we offer. Once your purchase is complete, an intake call will be scheduled, and we will go over all of the details to make sure your final wishes come true.

Can I include anything with my capsule?

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If you have something you would like to send to space, all you have to do is email us to get started!

Possible items you can include:

  • A Lock of hair
  • A Wedding ring
  • A Book
  • A Family photo
  • A Pet tag
  • A Company logo
  • A Signature
  • Magazine
  • A Love letter
  • A Fingerprint
  • A Watch
  • A USB stick
  • Sand from a favorite beach
  • A Drawing
  • An Ultrasound picture

Simply email for any special items you would like to send.

When are the next launches?

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Due to the high demand and complexities of our process, we offer different launch schedules for each of our memorials.

While subject to change, our current launch schedule is as follows:

Starlight Memorial: Multiple launches each year.

Shooting Star Memorial: Multiple launches each year - launched by SpaceX.

Moon Memorial: One launch scheduled 2026 - launched by SpaceX.

Milky Way Memorial: One launch scheduled for 2026.

Does the Beyond Burial process create orbital pollution?

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No. Beyond Burials takes the integrity of our space environment very thoughtfully. Thus all our memorials are carefully designed so as not to create space debris.

When will my launch video be available?

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Our video team begins editing your memorial video soon after the launch and works to provide you and your family with a professionally edited video as quickly as possible.

Can I track the Beyond Burials Earth-orbiting spacecraft?

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Yes. Using a private website link which we will provide, you can view the location of any of the Earth-orbiting Beyond Burials memorial spacecraft.

Why launch only a symbolic portion of cremated remains?

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Spaceflight is a costly process. By launching only a symbolic portion of remains, we can offer an affordable service accessible by as many people as possible.

Space launches are challenging. What if the mission does not succeed?

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In the unlikely event, the initial mission is not successful; your remains will be placed on the next memorial service of the same type, at no additional cost.

For the Earth Orbit Service, how long will the cremated remains stay in the Earth’s orbit?

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The length of each orbital stay depends on the primary mission of each spacecraft. Still, you can expect remains to stay in orbit from months to hundreds of years, depending on the mission type. Beyond Burials spacecrafts are a secondary payload aboard each mission.

How are the cremated remains actually launched?

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Depending on the memorial selected, the remains are placed in a specially designed, individual Beyond Burials capsule. These capsules are then placed into the Beyond Burials spacecraft, which is attached to the rocket and launched into space.

How do you ship the kits?

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We use United States Postal Service (USPS).You will receive your Beyond Burials Kit within 1-3 weeks from your purchase date.

Why do you only use USPS services?

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UPS, FedEx, or DHL do not accept cremated remains for shipment.

What countries do you ship to?

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Beyond Burials serves customers from around the globe.

How can I place an order?

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Orders can be placed on our website at We do not currently provide the option to order by phone or through other payment types.


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