Making your dream of space a reality.

Space Burials are the new unique, affordable, and memorable way to celebrate the life of those we love. We send the remains of yourself or a loved one into space with a burial of your choosing so they can live forever in space.

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Full Cremated Body Option:

Interested in sending your or your
loved one’s full cremated body into Space? We have a custom option for our Shooting Star Memorial. Start planning your custom Space Memorial by clicking the LEARN MORE button below.

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The Beyond Burials Difference

  • We offer four unique and exciting experiences to celebrate the life of yourself or a loved one
  • Make it to outer space, become a shooting star, land on the moon or go into the great beyond
  • No space debris — All of our memorials are carefully designed so as not to create space pollution
  • Relive the experience through your very own professionally edited memorial video
  • Track your Shooting Star Memorial as it orbits Earth through the use of our website tracking service
  • Beyond Burials Starlight Memorial travels faster and higher into space than any other burial service of it’s kind – up to 130km and up to 6 minutes in microgravity

Create your unique space burial in just six easy steps.

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