Starlight Memorial

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 *A $200 refundable deposit towards the full-cost of $1500 is required to reserve your place for this memorial service. Upon receipt, you will receive a welcome e-mail from one of our team members who will then schedule a call to walk you through every step of our process.

Leave the atmosphere and have you or your loved ones remains released into space before making the return to Earth!

The Starlight Memorial launches a symbolic portion of cremated remains to space.

The journey begins when the Beyond Burials team will launch the remains of you or your loved ones up to 80km/50miles through the sky and into space on a powerful suborbital rocket.

When the rocket reaches its pre-determined altitude, the rocket will open and deploy the remains into space, where the remains will spend up to 6 minutes in microgravity amongst the stars.

Launch Schedule:

As the most affordable memorial service we offer, our Starlight Memorial launches multiple times each year.

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