Milky Way Memorial

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 *A $200 refundable deposit towards the full-cost of $7500 is required to reserve your place for this memorial service. Upon receipt, you will receive a welcome e-mail from one of our team members who will then schedule a call to walk you through every step of our process.

Venture past the Earth-Moon system and travel farther into the Milky Way Galaxy!

Our Milky Way Memorial is the most exclusive offering we have at Beyond Burials. Discover a unique opportunity to have you or your loved one's journey last forever into the great beyond.

The Milky Way Memorial is a truly fitting memorial for a life devoted to exploration and adventure. This experience is very limited due to the flight complexities, which makes it our most exclusive offering. 

Launch Schedule:

The Milky Way Memorial is expected to be sold out well in advance. The next Milky Way Memorial is scheduled for 2026. Purchase your spot today to guarantee to be a part of this truly unique, meaningful, and inspiring space memorial.

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